Welcome to CoolHealth!
We are a medical device company focused on offering providers like you breakthrough cooling instruments that allow for an unprecedented degree of control and precision across an ever-expanding array of procedures.
Redefining comfort.
Redefining control.
Redefining Cool.

Traditional cooling methods have been in use for centuries, and cannot be accurately controlled or quantitatively measured.

Providers have no way of knowing exactly how cold an area is getting, and often have to wait for slower cooling methods to take effect. The medical world has had to accept inefficiency and uncertainty when it comes to cooling.

CoolHealth is solving these problems. Our instruments are spearheading a leap in how the medical world thinks about and harnesses cooling. Just as lasers brought control to applied heat, CoolHealth is bringing a paradigm-shifting level of precision to cooling. Our latest device, TargetCool, is changing the way providers elevate patient comfort and maximize procedure efficiency during various injection-related procedures, including Botox, lip fillers, and IVs. We’re offering a brand new standard of care to patients and a streamlined workflow to providers.




Experience absolute control. Explore new possibilities.


A new world of cool – the possibilities are endless.