TargetCool is for everyone. Whether you regularly perform procedures like dermal fillers or PRP therapy, or specialize in concierge treatments like vitamin procedures, TargetCool will keep your patients comfortable, happy, and coming back

With new applications already on the horizon, the future is looking pretty cool, too.


Lip fillers, neurotoxins, and other procedures can hurt and leave bruising or swelling. With TargetCool, you'll give your patients superior comfort, peace of mind, and procedure recoveries.


Clients come to MedSpas to relax and rejuvenate. With TargetCool's refreshing, cooling comfort, you'll exceed their expectations. Keep your clients looking forward to coming back.

Concierge Medicine

Vitamin and supplement procedures, whether intramuscular or subcutaneous, are part of your clients' rigorous health routines. Make sure they breeze comfortably through their appointments, and get back to their lives with minimal bruising.

Botox patient surveys already show that patients are enjoying their experiences with TargetCool – especially those getting Botox for the first time.



Percent of patients who would request TargetCool for their next Botox treatment.



Percent of first-time Botox patients who would want TargetCool used again.

Filler patients who have experienced both lidocaine and TargetCool agree that TargetCool provides better pain reduction and an overall higher quality experience.



Percent of patients who prefer TargetCool over lidocaine for general fillers.



Percent of patients who prefer TargetCool over lidocaine specifically for lip fillers.

Take a look at how providers are already using TargetCool.

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Join the growing number of providers who are discovering TargetCool.

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Join the growing number of providers who are discovering TargetCool.


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